Weathering storms: human resources in difficult times

July 10, 2009

From the Publishers:

Filled with tools to help strategize during periods of economic turbulence, this invaluable resource provides human resource professionals with proactive guidance. Addressing important issues such as the declining value of the dollar, 401(k) plans, and downsizing, this thorough handbook demonstrates how companies can minimize risks and become more adaptable when facing such troubles. Experts in the field offer personal insight and highlight the role that HR professionals play in healthy businesses, allowing for better management of successful and emerging corporations.

Weathering Storms: Human Resources in Difficult Times is SHRM’s compilation of ideas and policies by leading HR professionals addressing the urgent consequences of the economic downturn.

  • The most fundamental question the book answers is “what is the strategic and day-to-day role of HR during economic hard times?”
  • A typical response to hard times is layoffs, but what are the alternatives to layoffs that might achieve similar results?
  • If downsizing occurs, how difficult will it be to rebuild human capital in the future?
  • If layoffs are required, how should they be conducted to minimize causing new problems?

The book’s solutions-based, practical approach strongly argues that the HR community has a proactive and persuasive role in making sure their organizations not only weather the problems they are facing today but also help the organization hit the ground running on the other side of the downturn.

Weathering storms : human resources in difficult times / Society for Human Resource Management.  Alexandria, Va. : Society for Human Resource Management, 2008. 174 p.  ISBN 978-1-586-44134-0

For more information on the availability of this title from the University of Toronto Library catalogue, click here.


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