Employment termination source book: a collection of practical samples

December 8, 2009

From the Publisher:

The employment of every person, for good or for bad, always ends. Where do you turn when you have to handle what can be one the most uncomfortable tasks delegated to human resources? The Employment Termination Source Book provides the tools and expert information needed to carry out employment terminations, some of which are by far the riskiest phase in the employment relationship. This book explores and has practical, adaptable materials to use in the many voluntary and involuntary types of terminations- from job abandonment to leave of absence, from death to dismissal, from retirement to resignation. The exit-interview materials provided can turn the job termination into a learning process to help other employees.

The authors offer HR professionals, HR consultants, managers, and employment-law attorneys expert guidance on all aspects of the employment termination process. Practical and legal solutions on how to handle voluntary and involuntary terminations are explored throughout the book. This is also the place to look for how to comply with the many federal and state laws that impact discharges and layoffs.

This book will help you

  • simplify the documentation of activities undertaken before, during and after separation; and
  • reduce exposure to legal claims using the tip lists, charts, tables, and flowcharts included in the book.

The Employment Termination Source Book includes a CD-ROM with all of the forms, policies, checklists, and materials in both PDF and RTF formats for easy customization.

Employment termination source book : a collection of practical samples / Wendy Bliss and Gene R. Thornton.  Alexandria, Va. : Society for Human Resource Management, 2006. xvii, 246 p. : forms ; 28 cm. + 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.)   ISBN 9781586440664

For more information on the availability of this title from the University of Toronto Libraries catalogue, click here.


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