Managing Organizational Behaviour in Canada

May 14, 2010

The second edition of Managing Organizational Behaviour in Canada has been added to the CIRHR Library collection. This edition includes:

  • Ethical Dilemas & Ethics questions have been added to provoke students to think about what is right and wrong, as well as the various ways to resolve ethical conflicts in organizations.
  • Biz Flix and Workplace videos at the end of each chapter incorporate clips from popular films and workplace situations.
  • Global Reality boxes in each chapter provide examples of organizational realities all over the globe.
  • Mini-Cases are in each chapter and can be read during class time to promote critical thinking, discussion, and integration.
  • Bloom’s Boxes, based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, consists of short questions, mini-cases, short exercises, and surveys that invite students to comprehend, apply, analyze, synthesize, or evaluate a section that they have just read.
  • Online CBC video cases offer students the opportunity to explore current OB issues and controversies.
  • Nelson Education Testing Advantage (NETA) is a unique service available with this edition of [title] that is designed to ensure top quality multiple choice testing – if you want your students to achieve “beyond remembering”, ask your Nelson Sales Representative how today!
  • The six levels of learning outlined in Bloom’s Taxonomy are reinforced through the book in the form of checklists that identify the relevant level in all Self-Assessments, Bloom Boxes, Experiential Exercises, Mini-Cases, and Cases. These checklists help students understand what skills they are learning and practising with each box.
  • Online OB Research Supplement

Click here for this text’s accompanying student resources. Here you will find quizzes, self-assessment exercises, and helpful web resources.

Managing Organizational Behaviour in Canada, by Pat R. Sniderman … [et al.].  2nd ed. Toronto : Nelson, 2010. 576 p.  ISBN 9780176500047

For more information on the availability of this title from the University of Toronto Libraries catalogue, click here.


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