Renovating the Ivory Tower: Canadian Universities and the Knowledge Economy

June 1, 2010

From the Publisher:

Change is the order of the day in the Canadian economy. Phrases such as the “new economy” and the “knowledge economy” have become commonplace in discussions of economic policy. In such an environment, new ideas – and a highly skilled, adaptable, and creative labor force to develop and implement them – are crucial to Canada’s economic progress. And, as material prosperity grows, Canada needs a well-educated and thoughtful citizenry to ensure the improvement of the country’s more general social and political well-being. Our universities are major producers of ideas and of educated people, and anyone concerned with the quality of Canadian life – not least policymakers intent on improving it – must pay careful attention to this vital sector.

This volume brings together papers presented at a C.D. Howe Institute-sponsored session of the July 2001 meetings of the Canadian Economics Association in Montreal. Together, they provide an overview of the current state of affairs in Canada’s universities. They discuss some of the challenges these institutions now face, analyze their success in meeting them, and offer suggestions about policies that can encourage universities to enhance their contribution to the economy and to Canadian life more generally.

Renovating the Ivory Tower: Canadian Universities and the Knowledge Economy, edited by David Laidler. Toronto : C.D. Howe Institute, 2002. 288 p.  ISBN 088806537X

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