Sex Work Matters: Exploring Money, Power, and Intimacy in the Sex Industry

August 3, 2010

Product Description:

Sex Work Matters brings sex workers, scholars and activists together to present pioneering essays on the economics and sociology of sex work. From insights by sex workers on how they handle money, intimate relationships and daily harassment by police, to the experience of male and transgender sex work, this fascinating and original book offers theoretical discussions as well empirical case studies, providing new ways to link theory with lived experiences. The result is a vital new contribution to sex-worker rights that readers weary of the sensational and often salacious treatment of the sex industry in the media and literature will find refreshing. The book will equip any reader with new theoretical frameworks for understanding the sex industry, challenging readers to explore the topic of sex work in new ways, especially its cultural, economic and political dimensions.

Sex Work Matters: Exploring Money, Power, and Intimacy in the Sex Industry, edited by Melissa Hope Ditmore, Antonia Levy, and Alys Willman. London ; New York : Zed Books ; distributed in the USA exclusively by Palgrave Macmillan, 2010. 275 p. ISBN 9781848134348 (pbk.)

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