Human Resource Strategies in China

August 31, 2010

From the Publisher:

This book provides an understanding of human resource management practices in the People’s Republic of China and comparisons with HRM practices in Western countries. The authors explore the development of HRM in the Chinese context and the pertinent issues facing Western organisations investing in the PRC. Research from surveys in Hong Kong and the PRC is used to provide evidence of the unique philosophical and cultural context in which HRM takes place in the PRC. In the final chapter utilising concepts from complex adaptive systems theory, the authors present a new understanding of the ways in which Western and Chinese HRM could contribute to and progress towards greater organisational effectiveness in the Western and Chinese business environments.

  • Ideology in Context
  • Human Resources in the Context of Business Strategy
  • Human Resource Strategies in the Chinese Context
  • The Role of the HR Function in Foreign Invested Enterprises
  • The Greatest Directness Is Flexible-Compatible Paradigms

Human Resource Strategies in China, by Alma Whiteley, Sara Cheung, Zhang Shi Quan. Singapore : World Scientific, 2000. 197 p. ISBN 981-02-3840-1

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