The Web of Inclusion: Architecture for Building Great Organizations

September 28, 2010

From the Publisher:

This engrossing discussion is the reprint of the 1995 book that in 1998 The Wall Street Journal called one of the best all-time books on leadership. The author has devised the phrase “webs of inclusion” to refer to integrated and organic organizations which are effective because management puts itself in the center rather than at the top, and the lines of communication are open and diffuse. This new way to look at the internal structures of business has generated a great deal of interest and the phrase “webs of inclusion” has become part of the organizational lexicon. This clearly written book describes the web in operation and shows how the web can be weaved.

The Web of Inclusion: Architecture for Building Great Organizations, by Sally Helgesen. Washington, D.C. : Beard Books, Reprinted 2005, c1995. 304 p. ISBN 1587982773

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