The Oxford Handbook of Participation in Organizations

November 16, 2010

From Publisher

Conceptualizing Employee Participation in Organizations – An HRM Perspective on Employee Participation – An Industrial Relations Perspective on Employee Participation – A Legal Perspective on Employee Participation – Labour Process and Marxist Perspectives on Employee Participation – An Economic Perspective on Employee Participation* – Direct Employee Participation – Collective Bargaining as a Form of Employee Participation:*: Observations on the United States and Europe – Employer Strategies Towards Non-Union Collective Voice – Worker Directors and Worker Ownership/Cooperatives – Employee Participation Through Non-Union Forms of Employee Representation – Works Councils: The European Model of Industrial Democracy? – Employee Share Ownership – Financial Participation – Labour Union Responses to Participation in Employing Organizations* – Voice in the Wilderness? The Shift From Union to Non-Union Voice in Britain – High Involvement Management and Performance – Employee Voice and Mutual Gains – Participation Across Organizational Boundaries – Public Policy and Employee Participation – Corporate Governance and Employee Participation – Cross-National Variation in Representation Rights and Governance at Work* – Employee Participation in Developing and Emerging Countries – International and Comparative Perspectives on Employee Participation – Freedom, Democracy, and Capitalism: Ethics and Employee Participation

The Oxford Handbook of Participation in Organizations, edited by Adrian Wilkinson … [et al.].  Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2010. 624 p.  ISBN 9780199207268 (hbk.)

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