Who Needs Migrant Workers?: Labour Shortages, Immigration, and Public Policy

December 7, 2010

From the publisher:

Are migrant workers needed to “do the jobs that locals will not do” or are they simply a more exploitable labor force? Do they have a better “work ethic” or are they less able to complain? Is migrant labor the solution to “skills shortages” or actually part of the problem? This book provides a comprehensive framework for analyzing the demand for migrant workers in high-income countries. It demonstrates how a wide range of government policies, often unrelated to migration, contribute to creating a growing demand for migrant labor. This demand can persist even during economic downturns. The book includes quantitative and qualitative analyses of the changing role of migrants in the UK economy.

The empirical chapters include in-depth examinations of the nature of staff shortages and the use of migrant workers in six sectors: health; social care; hospitality; food production; construction; and financial services.

Who Needs Migrant Workers?: Labour Shortages, Immigration, and Public Policy, edited by Martin Ruhs and Bridget Anderson. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2010. 335 p.  ISBN 9780199580590

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