The American Faculty: the Restructuring of Academic Work and Careers

February 8, 2011

From the Publisher:

At the heart of that transformation, but largely invisible, has been a restructuring of academic appointments, academic work, and academic careers—a reconfiguring widely decried but heretofore inadequately described. This volume depicts the scope and depth of the transformation, combing empirical data drawn from three decades of national higher education surveys. The authors’ portrait, at once startling and disturbing, provides the context for interpreting these developments as part of a larger structural evolution of the national higher education system. They outline the stakes for the nation and the challenging work to be done.

The American Faculty: the Restructuring of Academic Work and Careers, by Jack H. Schuster and Martin J. Finkelstein. Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006. 569 p. ISBN 9780801891038 (pbk.)


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