Rebel Without a Pause: Memoirs of a Canadian Maverick

March 15, 2011

From the Publisher:

In a country where most of people’s idea of rebellion is opting for chocolate-glazed over honey-dipped, scholar/pundit/political adviser John Crispo has stood out for his ability to stir the blood of Canadians to something like a boil, forcing them to become passionate about issues of national importance.

Now, in this entertaining and provocative memoir, Crispo reveals what it’s like to be a rebel in a country with few true rebels. In telling the story of his life of confrontation with many of the country’s leaders–and often with its citizens as well–John provides a fascinating account of the issues that have shaped Canada over the past 40 years, such as free trade, the National Energy Program, the fate of CBC, bank mergers and the GST.

Essential reading for fans of Canadian politics, current affairs and recent history, Rebel Without a Pause sparkles with ideas, debate and always controversial options. Agree or disagree with him–it’s impossible to ignore John Crispo. He can’t even do so himself, as he tries in this book to determine whether he did the right thing professionally with his life. the answer to this question makes for a fascinating read.

Rebel Without a Pause: Memoirs of a Canadian Maverick, by John Crispo, with Marion E. Raycheba. Toronto : Warwick Publishing, 2002. 336 p. ISBN 1894622278

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