Organizational Culture and Leadership

March 22, 2011

From the Publisher:

In this third edition of his classic book, Edgar Schein shows how to transform the abstract concept of culture into a practical tool that managers and students can use to understand the dynamics of organizations and change. Organizational pioneer Schein updates his influential understanding of culture–what it is, how it is created, how it evolves, and how it can be changed. Focusing on today’s business realities, Schein draws on a wide range of contemporary research to redefine culture, offers new information on the topic of occupational cultures, and demonstrates the crucial role leaders play in successfully applying the principles of culture to achieve organizational goals. He also tackles the complex question of how an existing culture can be changed–one of the toughest challenges of leadership. The result is a vital resource for understanding and practicing organizational effectiveness.

Organizational Culture and Leadership, by Edgar H. Schein. 4th ed. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, 2010. 436 p.  ISBN 9780470190609

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