Industrial Relations, the Economy, and Society

July 21, 2011

From the Publisher:

Industrial Relations, the Economy, and Society does more than simply inform, it engages, making for lively discussion and ultimately more thoughtful and informed readers. The book contains highly accessible coverage of conventional topic areas, including the history of industrial relations, contemporary employer practices, labour unions, labour law, collective bargaining, and contract administration. Yet it also includes coverage of broader economic and social issues relevant to the study of labour and employment relations in both the union and non-union sectors. Readers are thus able not only to develop a strong practical knowledge of Canadian industrial relations, but also to ground this knowledge in a deeper understanding of these relations and the broader issues and debates that surround them. This latest edition incorporates up-to-date statistics relevant to the study of industrial relations (e.g., strike activity, union membership, income inequality) as well as recent developments in the literature. It also streamlines the previous edition. The chapters on management practices and the effects of high performance practices have been merged and edited down, as have the chapters on contemporary developments and contemporary alternatives.

A leading textbook in industrial relations at the university level, this book is valuable both as a primary and as a supplementary text for students of industrial relations, sociology, labour studies, economics and management programs. A well-known researcher but a teacher also, John Godard has written the book with a teacher’s mind. To maximize teaching flexibility, each chapter is complete by itself and can be taught individually without affecting the reader’s ability to understand subsequent chapters. This enables instructors to select contents that they consider most suited to their course.

Industrial Relations, the Economy, and Society, by John Godard. 4th ed. Concord, Ontario : Captus Press, 2011. ISBN 9781553222354

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