Prostitution in the Digital Age: Selling Sex From the Suite to the Street

December 29, 2011


From the Publisher:

This candid book reveals the enormity of the commercial sex-for-sale industry in the modern era.

Prostitution—often referred to as “the world’s oldest profession”—is alive and well in the modern world. In the United States alone, an estimated $14 billion is generated in annual revenue from the sex-for-sale industry. Worldwide revenue from the commercial sex trade industry is estimated at more than $100 billion each year.

For those without direct experience with the seamy, real-life world of prostitution, it can be easy to accept the glamorized depictions of the sex-for-sale industry as it is often portrayed in fiction and Hollywood or sensationalized in the media. In reality, the business of sexual exploitation such as prostitution, sex trafficking, pornography, and sex tourism is far from attractive.

This latest book from literary criminologist R. Barri Flowers updates the subject of prostitution for the 21st century, explaining why the commercial sex trade industry continues to flourish and exploring its proliferation in the digital world of the Internet, cell phones, and text messaging. The grim ramifications of prostitution—such as victimization, substance abuse, HIV, arrest, or even death—are addressed. Careful attention has also been paid to the various individuals involved: those who are prostituted (female and male), customers, pimps, traffickers, and other players in the sex trade.

Prostitution in the Digital Age: Selling Sex From the Suite to the Street, by R. Barri Flowers. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Praeger, 2011. 238 p. ISBN 9780313384608 (hardcover)

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