Staying with Conflict: a Strategic Approach to Ongoing Disputes

February 22, 2012

Staying with Conflict: A Strategic Approach to Ongoing Disputes (0470488875) cover imageFrom the Publisher:

In this groundbreaking book, Bernard Mayer, a pioneer in the field of conflict resolution, offers a new paradigm for dealing with long-term disputes. Mayer explains that when dealing with enduring conflict, mediators and other conflict resolution specialists need to move past the idea of how quickly they can resolve the conflict. Instead, they should focus on how they can help people prepare to engage with an issue over time. Once their attention is directed away from a speedy resolution to a long-term approach, new avenues of intervention become apparent.

Staying with Conflict: a Strategic Approach to Ongoing Disputes, by Bernard Mayer. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass : Wiley Imprint, 2009. 296 p. ISBN 9780787997298 (hardcover)

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