May 9, 2012

From the Publisher:

•    One of our most distinguished scholars offers a bold new view of the theory and practice of effective management

•    Firmly based on real-world evidence: Mintzberg observed twenty-nine managers in a variety of organizations, industries, and countries

•    Iconoclastic, enthralling, thoroughly researched and deeply felt

A half century ago Peter Drucker put management on the map. Leadership has since pushed it off. But “instead of distinguishing managers from leaders,” Henry Mintzberg writes, “we should be seeing managers as leaders, and leadership as management practiced well.” Mintzberg aims to restore management to its proper place: front and center.

To gain an accurate picture of management as practiced rather than management as preached, Mintzberg watched twenty-nine different managers work a typical day. They came from business, government, and nonprofits, from all sorts of industries, including banking, policing, filmmaking, aircraft production, retailing, and health care, and worked in diverse settings ranging from a refugee camp to a symphony orchestra. These observations form the empirical basis for this book.

Managing, by Henry Mintzberg. San Francisco, Calif. : Berrett-Koehler, 2011. 306 p. ISBN 9781605098746 (pbk.)

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