Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management: Using AI to Facilitate Organizational Development

July 25, 2012

From the Publisher:

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is one of the most exciting and increasingly recognized concepts in facilitating organizational change. This book studies AI in depth, illustrating the method of asking particular questions and envisioning the future, encouraging staff to consider both the positive and negative systems in place and to recognize the need to implement change. It demonstrates how AI can be practically applied by combining the skills, perspectives and approaches you will learn to create change through conversation. Case studies from organizations that have already integrated conversational methods into their change management practice show the value and effectiveness of the processes and how to promote, create and generate such conversations yourself. Written in jargon-free language, this is an excellent resource for you to discover the benefits that conversational techniques can have on your organization and its performance.

Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management: Using AI to Facilitate Organizational Development, by Sarah Lewis, Jonathan Passmore and Stefan Cantore. 1st paperback ed. London : Kogan Page, 2011. ISBN 9780749463557 (paperback). 

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