Rethinking Leadership: a New Look at Old Leadership Questions

December 7, 2012

From the publisher:

A must-read for serious leadership studies scholars, Rethinking Leadership offers a radical reconceptualisation of leadership as a contextually embedded, physically embodied phenomenon. The book arrives at original and surprising answers to perennial questions such as ‘What is leadership?’ and ‘How do leaders lead change?’, by addressing them from a philosophical, rather than psychological or sociological standpoint. Beautifully written, Ladkin makes complex ideas accessible by illustrating them with practical examples drawn from her wide experience as a leadership academic and management consultant across a range of commercial, political and not-for-profit organisations. A fresh voice amongst the crowded field of leadership studies, Rethinking Leadership delivers not just new answers, but an entirely new way of thinking about leadership and its role in contemporary society.

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Rethinking Leadership: a New Look at Old Leadership Questions, by Donna Ladkin. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar, 2011. 202 p. ISBN 9780857931313 (pbk.)

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