Unruly Voices: Essays on Democracy, Civility and the Human Imagination

January 28, 2013

unruly_voices_webFrom the publisher:

Since the publication of A Civil Tongue (1995), philosopher Mark Kingwell has been urging us to consider how monstrous, self-serving public behaviour can make it harder to imagine and achieve the society we want. Now, with Unruly Voices, Kingwell returns to the subjects of democracy, civility, and political action, in an attempt to revitalize an intellectual culture too-often deadened by its assumptions of personal advantage and economic value. These 17 new essays, where zombies share pages with cultural theorists, poets, and presidents, together argue for a return to the imagination—and from their own unruly voices rises a sympathetic democracy to counter the strangeness of the postmodern political landscape.

Unruly Voices: Essays on Democracy, Civility and the Human Imagination, by Mark Kingwell. Emeryville, Ont. : Biblioasis, 2012. 272 p. ISBN 9781926845845

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