Gender and Leadership in Trade Unions

March 8, 2013

412nE13JZ4LFrom the publisher:

Gender and Leadership in Trade Unions explores and evaluates the similarities and differences in equality strategies pursued by unions in the US and the UK. It assesses the conditions experienced by women union members and how these impact on their leadership, both potential and actual. Women have made gains in both countries within union leadership and decision-making structures, however, climbing the ladder to leadership positions remains far from a smooth process. In the trade union context, women face multiple barriers that resonate with the barriers facing aspiring women leaders in other organizational contexts, including the gendered division of domestic work; the organization and nature of women’s work; the organization and nature of trade union work and the masculine culture of trade unions. The discussion of women trade union leaders is situated more broadly within debates on governance, leadership and democracy within social justice activism.
Gender and Leadership in Trade Unions, by Gill Kirton and Geraldine Healy. New York, NY : Routledge, 2013. 290 p. ISBN 9780415887045 (hardcover)
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