The Job Description Handbook

April 29, 2013

job3_2From the publisher:

Every job has a description — and if you craft it carefully, you can use a job description for effective hiring, new employee orientation, evaluating performances, discipline and plan for future growth. But if it’s poorly written (or not written at all), your company can face all sorts of problems, from low employee morale to legal troubles. The Job Description Handbook, an all-in-one resource, can help you: create HR documents that provide the details of every job’s duties, requirements, qualifications; create a good job description; hire qualified employees; evaluate an employee’s job performance; plan for your company’s future needs; avoid legal traps; and troubleshoot a description. The book also provides checklists, worksheets, resources, sample language and step-by-step instructions that you can use to create job descriptions that will work in the real world.

The Job Description Handbook, by Margie Mader-Clark. 3rd ed. Berkeley, CA : Nolo, 2013. 249 p. ISBN 9781413318555 (pbk.)

For more information on the availability of this title from the University of Toronto Libraries catalogue, click here.


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