International Organizational Behavior: Transcending Borders and Cultures

May 27, 2013

international org behaviourFrom the publisher:

In today’s increasingly diverse, multicultural business world, managers and employees alike need to transcend many borders (literally or figuratively) and grasp a wide variety of cultural nuances on a routine basis. Doing this well requires both a sophisticated understanding of cultural differences as well as a repertoire of skills and management tactics that can be brought to bear to build and maintain a competitive global workforce. International Organizational Behavior focuses on understanding and managing organizational behavior in an international context, providing both the conceptual framework needed for a transcendent understanding of culture along with plenty of practical advice for managing international challenges with organizational behavior.

International Organizational Behavior: Transcending Borders and Cultures, by Dean McFarlin and Paul Sweeney. New York, NY : Routledge, 2013. 450 p. ISBN 9780415892568 (pbk.)

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