Research Handbook on the Economics of Labor and Employment Law

May 28, 2013

9781849801010From the publisher:

Estlund and Wachter have assembled a feast on the economic analysis of issues in labor and employment law for scholars and policy-makers. The volume begins with foundational discussions of the economic analysis of the individual employment relationship and collective bargaining. It then progresses to discussions of the theoretical and empirical work on a wide range of important labor and employment law topics including: union organizing and employee choice, the impact of unions on firm and economic performance, the impact of unions on the enforcement of legal rights, just cause for dismissal, covenants not to compete and employment discrimination. Anyone who wants to study what economists have to say on these topics would do well to begin with this collection.

Research Handbook on the Economics of Labor and Employment Law, edited by Cynthia L. Estlund and Michael L. Wachter. Northampton, MA, USA : Edward Elgar, 2012. 509 p. ISBN 9781849801010

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