Human Development and Capabilities: Re-imagining the University of the Twenty-first Century

June 19, 2013

humandevelopmentFrom the publisher:

Human Development and Capabilities imaginatively applies a theoretical framework to universities as institutions and social practices from human development and the capability approach, attempting to show how universities might advance equalities rather than necessarily widen them, and how they can contribute to a sustainable and democratic society. Picking through the capability approach for human development, in relation to Universities, this book highlights and explores three main ideas:

  • Theoretical insights to advance thinking about human development and higher education
  • Policy implications for the responsibilities and potential contributions of universities in a period of significant global change
  • Operationalising a New Imaginary

This fresh take on the work and purpose of the University is essential reading for anyone interested in university education, capability approach and human development; particularly postgraduates, University policy makers, researchers and academics in the field of higher education.

Human Development and Capabilities: Re-imagining the University of the Twenty-first Century, edited by Alejandra Boni and Melanie Walker. New York, NY : Routledge, 2013. 236 p. ISBN 9780415536325 (hardcover)

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