Ultimate Performance: Measuring Human Resources at Work

July 10, 2013

ultimateFrom the publisher:

Until 1760 ships routinely disappeared, ran aground, or sank because seafarers could not measure longitude. The cost in life and property was immense. Today, business faces a similar challenge, as the failure to measure human resources performance is just as costly and deadly to modern organizations. Senior executives once considered HR a “soft,” unavoidable cost of doing business, responsible for compensation, employee transactions, company functions, workforce problems, and legal issues. Three factors changed this perception: the significant impact of high-performance HR, the implications of poorly performing HR, and soaring HR operating expenses. These factors have led to an increased demand and focus on HR metrics. Ultimate Performance approaches this challenge by providing clear, proven measurement solutions that will optimize the performance of people and businesses.

Ultimate Performance: Measuring Human Resources at Work, by Nicholas C. Burkholder with Scott Golas and Jeremy Shapiro. Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, 2007. 276 p. ISBN 9780471741213 (hardcover)

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