Handbook of Workplace Diversity

August 14, 2013

handbook workplace diversityFrom the publisher:

Globalization and its melting pot of different nationalities, ethnicities and cultures is attracting research that is gathering in substance and theory. A dynamic new field that represents a significant focus within management and organisation studies is emerging. This Handbook showcases the scope of international perspectives that exist on workplace diversity and is the first to define this hotly contested field. Part I of the Handbook dissects the theoretical reasons and shows how the study of workplace diversity follows different directions. Part II critiques quantitative and qualitative research methods within the field, while Part III investigates the parallels and distinctions between different workplace groups. Key issues are drawn together in an insightful introduction from the editors, and future directions for research are proposed in the conclusion.

Handbook of Workplace Diversity, edited by Alison M. Konrad, Pushkala Prasad and Judith K. Pringle. Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE, 2006. 551 p. ISBN 9780761944225

For more information on the availability of this title from the University of Toronto Libraries catalogue, click here, or here for the e-book version.


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