Marx Today: Selected Works and Recent Debates

September 30, 2013

marxtodayFrom the publisher:

Given the present economic rubble, it is time to give renewed attention to less orthodox analyses of the structure and dynamic of capitalist economies. Over a century ago Karl Marx developed the most prominent and politically important of these analyses, explaining the distinctiveness of the capitalist economy and its most likely historical trajectory. Marx’s theory continues to provide insights into the crisis-prone dynamic of capitalism, the unstable nature of which is now being demonstrated every night on the evening news. This collection of brief works by Marx and several critical essays intends to make the arguments of Marx accessible to a broader audience.

Marx Today: Selected Works and Recent Debates, edited by John F. Sitton. New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2010. 236 p. ISBN 9780230102415 (pbk.)

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