Temporary Work, Agencies and Unfree Labour: Insecurity in the New World of Work

October 21, 2013

temporary work agenciesFrom the publisher:

Unfree labor has not disappeared from advanced capitalist economies… Previously hidden forms of unfree labor have emerged in parallel with several other well-documented trends affecting labor conditions, rights, and modes of regulation. These evolving types of unfree labor include the increasing normalization of contingent work (and, by extension, the undermining of the standard contract of employment), and an increase in labor intermediation… It is in the context of this rapidly changing landscape that this book consolidates and expands on research designed to understand new institutions for work in the global era. This edited collection provides a theoretical and empirical exploration of the links between unfree labor, intermediation, and modes of regulation, with particular focus on the evolving institutional forms and political-economic contexts that have been implicated in, and shaped by, the ascendency of temp agencies. What is distinctive about this collection is this bi-focal lens: it makes a substantial theoretical contribution by linking disparate literatures on, and debates about, the co-evolution of contingent work and unfree labor, new forms of labor intermediation, and different regulatory approaches; but it further lays the foundation for this theory in a series of empirically rich and geographically diverse case studies.

Temporary Work, Agencies and Unfree Labour: Insecurity in the New World of Work, edited by Judy Fudge and Kendra Strauss. New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2014. 217 p. ISBN 9780415536509

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