The Little Black Book for Managers: How to Maximize Your Key Management Moments of Power

October 28, 2013

little black book for managersFrom the publisher:

In every manager’s career there are moments where decisions need to be made in order to achieve success and this smart, nicely packaged little book can be there to help each time. The trick to succeeding in these moments is to identify each of these situations ahead of time and understand how to act and what to do to reduce the chances of failure. That is exactly what The Little Black Book for Managers has done. The authors have listed a whole host of situations most managers face, based on thousands of personal experiences, and have mapped out how to deal with each situation. The book contains specific examples of words and phrases that can be used as well as illustrations and exercises to analyse your current performance… This is a practical support tool for managers at all levels… [It] explains how to deal with scenarios such as: having a lack of confidence to deal with other people in the way that is needed; times when you have to assert your authority more; allocating critical work; who to choose; needing to get extra effort from the team when under pressure; incentivising; delegation; having to deal with under-performers; personality clashes between work colleagues; managing a meeting with senior leaders.

The Little Black Book for Managers: How to Maximize Your Key Management Moments of Power, by John Cross, Rafael Gomez and Kevin Money. Hoboken : Capstone, 2013. 224  p. ISBN 9781118744239 (hardback)

For more information on the availability of this title from the University of Toronto Libraries catalogue, click here.


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