Corporate Governance and Labour Management: an International Comparison

November 18, 2013

corporate governance and labour managementFrom the publisher:

This book is about the relationship between corporate governance regimes and labour management. It examines how finance and governance influence employment relationships, work organization, and industrial relations by means of a comparative analysis of Anglo-American, European, and Japanese economies… Each country-based chapter provides an analysis of the evolution and key characteristics of corporate governance and then links this to labour management institutions and practices… Overall, the book goes beyond the ‘complementarities’ between governance and labour management systems identified in recent literature, and attempts to identify causal relationships between the two. It shows how labour management institutions and practices may influence finance and corporate governance systems, as well as vice versa. The contributions to this book illuminate current debates about the determinants of corporate governance, the convergence of national ‘varieties of capitalism’, and the impact of corporate governance on managerial behaviour. The book highlights the complexities of corporate governance systems and refines the distinction between market/outsider and relational/insider systems.

Corporate Governance and Labour Management: an International Comparison, edited by Howard Gospel and Andrew Pendleton.Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2005. 384 p. ISBN  0199299234 (pbk.)

For more information on the availability of this title from the University of Toronto Libraries catalogue, click here, or here for the e-book version.


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