Reforming Asian Labor Systems: Economic Tensions and Worker Dissent

December 2, 2013

reforming asian labor systemsFrom the publisher:

In Reforming Asian Labor Systems, Frederic C. Deyo examines the implications of post-1980s market-oriented economic reform for labor systems in China, South Korea, the Philippines, and Thailand. Adopting a critical institutionalist perspective, he explores the impact of elite economic interests and strategies, labor politics, institutional path dependencies, and changing economic circumstances on regimes of labor and social regulation in these four countries. Of particular importance are reform-driven socioeconomic and political tensions that, especially following the regional financial crisis of the late 1990s, have encouraged increased efforts to integrate social and developmental agendas with those of market reform.

Reforming Asian Labor Systems: Economic Tensions and Worker Dissent, by Frederic C. Deyo. Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2012. 266 p. ISBN 9780801478079 (pbk.)

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