Choices in Approaching Conflict: Understanding the Practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution

December 12, 2013

choices in approaching conflictFrom the publisher:

Conflict is a natural part of human interaction. Whether guiding a client through stormy legal seas as a paralegal or mediating disputes as an HR professional, individuals whose work requires them to manage conflict must be equipped with a solid understanding of its causes and its progression. They must be able to help parties approach disputes cooperatively… in order to arrive at win/win solutions. This text takes a systematic approach to analyzing the elements of conflict and explores both the individual and systemic responses to it. Students gain a solid foundation in negotiation skills and strategies, followed by a more in-depth introduction to mediation as a viable response to conflict… [and] an appreciation of the potentially challenging effects of culture, gender, and power on any negotiation or mediation process, and acquire strategies to respond to these. Finally, Choices in Approaching Conflict explores applications of mediation in the areas of community, business, and restorative justice to provide students who wish to pursue a career involving mediation with a practical context. It also examines the ethical and legal considerations required by the practice of mediation as a profession.

Choices in Approaching Conflict: Understanding the Practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Charles Ewert, Gordon Barnard, Jennifer Laffier and Michael L. Maynard. Toronto : Emond Montgomery Publications, 2010. 186 p. ISBN 9781552393840

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