Inequality and the Fading of Redistributive Politics

December 12, 2013

inequality and the fading...From the publisher:

All advanced democracies are facing the pressures of globalization, technological change, and new family forms, which have had the effect of generating higher levels of inequality in market incomes. But governments are responding differently, often reflecting differences in their domestic politics. The politics of who gets what and why is at the core of this volume, the first to examine this question in an explicitly Canadian context. In Inequality and the Fading of Redistributive Politics, leading political scientists, sociologists, and economists point to the failure of public policy to contain surging income inequality.

Inequality and the Fading of Redistributive Politics, edited by Keith Banting and John Myles. Vancouver : UBC Press, 2013. 462 p. ISBN 9780774826006 (pbk.)

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