Social Partnerships and Responsible Business: a Research Handbook

January 14, 2014

social partnerships and responsible businessFrom the publisher:

Cross-sector partnerships are widely hailed as a critical means for addressing a wide array of social challenges such as climate change, poverty, education, corruption, and health. Amid all the positive rhetoric of cross-sector partnerships though, critical voices point to the limited success of various initiatives in delivering genuine social change and in providing for real citizen participation. This collection critically examines the motivations for, processes within and expected and actual outcomes of cross-sector partnerships. In opening up new theoretical, methodological, and practical perspectives on cross-sector social interactions, this book re-imagines partnerships in order to explore the potential to contribute to the social good. A trans-disciplinary perspective on partnerships adds serious value to the debate in a range of fields including management, politics, public management, sociology, development studies, and international relations.

Social Partnerships and Responsible Business: a Research Handbook, edited by M. May Seitanidi and Andrew Crane. Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2013. 420 p. ISBN 9780415678636 (hardback)

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