Teleworking –in brief

January 14, 2014

teleworking in briefFrom the publisher:

From the people who work exclusively from home to the ‘portable’ manager with no fixed site, the need to communicate is paramount. Mike Johnson’s candid appraisal of teleworking, or telecommuting as it is also known, looks at the key benefits: for the individual it provides the opportunity to work from home; for the company it provides major savings on costs. The down side is the lack of human contact and the anxiety of employees who work away from the centre of things. The …in brief books provide a critical ‘snapshot’ of the major management fashions and fads influencing business strategy. They cut through the consultants’ jargon and steer a practical, common sense course through the theory and hype. They provide managers with a balanced view based on evidence rather than missionary zeal, so that they can be better informed.

Teleworking –in brief, by Mike Johnson. Oxford : Butterworth-Heinemann, 1997. 242 p. ISBN 9780750628754

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