Employee Ownership and Shared Capitalism: New Directions in Research

January 28, 2014

employee ownership and shared capitalistFrom the publisher:

One of the most persistent and important, but often ignored, trends contemporary market economies continues to be the ownership of firms by their employees… The growth of various forms of “shared capitalism” has meant that currently a little under half of all employees in the private sector own stock in the companies in which they work or receive cash-based bonuses linked to different measures of corporate performance… This book showcases the diverse state of cutting-edge academic work on shared capitalism in the United States and Western Europe. Its chapters present a representative cross-section of current research, lively debates, and new research initiatives… [It] illuminates shared capitalism’s complexity as an organizational, psychological, sociological, and economic phenomenon that requires deep interdisciplinary understanding.

Employee Ownership and Shared Capitalism: New Directions in Research, edited by Edward J. Carberry. Champaign, IL : Labor and Employment Relations Association, 2011. 342 p. ISBN 9780913447031 (pbk.)

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