Creative Labour Regulation: Indeterminacy and Protection in an Uncertain World

February 4, 2014

creativelabourregulationFrom the publisher:

Creative Labour Regulation is an interdisciplinary response to the central contemporary challenges to effective labour regulation. Drawing on contributions by leading experts from the Regulating for Decent Work Network, it offers new ideas for research and policy. The book identifies three central challenges to contemporary labour regulation: intensifying labour market fragmentation; complex interactions between labour market institutions; and obstacles to effective enforcement. International in scope, the volume… [addresses] regulation of precarious and informal work, the role of minimum wage regulation in industrialized and low-income countries, the promise and limitations of ‘hybrid’ public–private enforcement mechanisms… and the involvement of labour inspectorates and civil society organizations in implementing labour standards…

Creative Labour Regulation: Indeterminacy and Protection in an Uncertain World, edited by Deirdre McCann, Sangheon Lee, Patrick Belser, Colin Fenwick, John Howe and Malte Luebker. Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2013. 302 p. ISBN 9781137382207 (hardcover)

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