Managing the Multi-Generational Workforce: from the GI Generation to the Millennials

February 4, 2014

managing the multigenerational workforceFrom the publisher:

For the first time in history, four distinct and very different generations are working together. Generational conflict is one of the last bastions of acceptable discrimination in today’s workplace. Each generation has different beliefs, expectations, values, learning styles, and desires. These result in a strong tendency for them to adopt different work habits… The creation of a culture and coordinating programs that foster communication and collaboration between all of the generations present in the workforce will help to alleviate the difficulties managers may encounter… Based on rigorous academic research, Managing the Multi-Generational Workforce identifies the characteristics of the different generations, considers their expectations and values, and how these influence the way they relate to each other. The authors then examine implications for organizational culture and structures, recruitment and retention tactics, training, and management styles and approaches.

Managing the Multi-Generational Workforce: from the GI Generation to the Millennials, by Robert G. DelCampo … [et al.]. Burlington, VT : Gower, 2011. 98 p. ISBN 9781409403883 (pbk.)

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