Seeking Talent for Creative Cities: the Social Dynamics of Innovation

February 4, 2014

seeking talent for creative citiesFrom the publisher:

With the growth of knowledge-based economies, cities across the globe must compete to attract and retain the most talented workers. Seeking Talent for Creative Cities offers a comprehensive and insightful analysis of the diverse, dynamic factors that affect cities’ ability to achieve this goal. Based on a comparative national study of 16 Canadian cities, this volume systematically evaluates the concerns facing workers operating in a range of creative endeavours. It draws on interviews, surveys, and census data collected over a six-year research program conducted by experts in business, public policy, urban studies, and communications studies to identify the characteristics and features of particular city-regions that influence these workers’ mobility and satisfaction. Seeking Talent for Creative Cities represents a rigorously empirical test of popular wisdom on the true relationship between urban development and economic competitiveness.

Seeking Talent for Creative Cities: the Social Dynamics of Innovation, edited by Jill L. Grant. Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 2014. 265 p. ISBN 9781442615441 (pbk.)

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