The Regulation of Picketing: an Employer’s Primer to Labour Injunctions

February 11, 2014

the regulation of picketingFrom the publisher:

Nothing evokes trade unionism as clearly as the sight of striking workers walking the picket line. And it is on the picket line that the interests of employers and unionized workers are most clearly and diametrically opposed. Unfortunately, this also means that potential for unlawful activity is greater than at any other point in the labour-management relationship. With its groundbreaking judgment in the Pepsi case, the Supreme Court of Canada significantly changed the law of picketing. This Special Report is intended to be of assistance to employers as they consider and confront the prospect of seeking an injunction against picketing-related activity. New in this edition: 2013 court cases and materials relevant to determining whether an employer will be granted an injunction to restrain picketing activity; An update of the legal analysis, including references to recent cases;… practical considerations for employers when gathering evidence, in anticipation of injunction proceedings…

The Regulation of Picketing: an Employer’s Primer to Labour Injunctions, Mattew L.O. Certosimo and Lisa Cabel. 3rd ed. Toronto : Carswell, 2013. 121 p. ISBN 9780779855698

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