Negotiation: the Art of Mutual Gains Bargaining

February 25, 2014

negotion the art of mutual gainsFrom the publisher:

Fully illustrated with practical and current examples, this resource analyzes and prescribes strategies, tactics and checklists for the benefit of both parties involved. The second edition discusses recent labour negotiations from across Canada and the United States, including those that have been the subject of articles such as: the National Hockey League lockout in 2004; the Kaiser Permanente national agreement; the Giant Mine strike in Yellowknife; New negotiation topics include: making the first offer; creating value in negotiation;  investigative negotiation; strategies for dealing with hidden constraints; developing the worst alternative to a negotiated agreement (“WATNA”).

Negotiation: the Art of Mutual Gains Bargaining, by David J. Corry and Courtenay M. Mercier. 2nd ed. Aurora, ON : Canada Law Book, 2010. 202 p. ISBN 9780888044945

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