Older Workers in an Ageing Society: Critical Topics in Research and Policy

February 25, 2014

older workers in an ageing society critical topicsFrom the publisher:

This insightful study provides an overview of the changing employment context in industrialized nations, the risks associated with population ageing and how these are being tackled. Prolonging working lives is high on the agenda of policy makers in most of the world’s major industrialized nations. This book explains how they are keen to tackle issues associated with the ageing of populations, namely the funding of pension systems and predictions concerning a dwindling labour supply. Yet the recent history of older workers has primarily been one of premature exit from the labour force in the form of redundancy or early retirement. Add to this a previously plentiful supply of younger labour and it is clear that much of industry will be unprepared for the challenges of ageing workforces. Older Workers in an Ageing Society includes up-to-date knowledge on issues of workforce ageing and provides useful commentary on policy responses…

Older Workers in an Ageing Society: Critical Topics in Research and Policy, edited by Philip Taylor. Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar, 2013. 276 p. ISBN 9781782540090 (hardcover)

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