CSR 2.0 : Transforming Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility

February 26, 2014

csr 2.0 transforming corporate sustainabilityFrom the publisher:

The book examines the evolution and current state of corporate social responsibility (CSR), using a five-stage maturity model: defensive, charitable, promotional, strategic and transformative CSR. The first four stages are dubbed CSR 1.0 and characterise most current CSR practice, while the fifth stage is named CSR 2.0 (also transformative or systemic CSR) and describes emergent and future CSR practices… A four-part DNA Model is also introduced, covering value creation, good governance, societal contribution and ecological integrity, which provides the basis for defining and measuring CSR 2.0. Finally, a 70-question CSR 2.0 self-assessment diagnostic tool developed by the author is presented, with sample data to show how the tool can be used for future research and practitioner application.

CSR 2.0 : Transforming Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility, by Wayne Visser. Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2014. 89 p. ISBN 9783642408731

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